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Bodycam footage shows arrest of NFL player Adolphus Washington

Bodycam footage shows arrest of NFL player Adolphus Washington (Sharonville Police Dept.)

SHARONVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) - Cruiser cam video shows NFL player and Cincinnati native Adolphus Washington flashing a loaded gun at police.

Washington plays for the Buffalo Bills player and was a stand-out at Ohio State and Taft High School. He’s accused of improperly carrying a concealed weapon outside a waterpark.

**WARNING: Video contains graphic language that may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised**

Mobile users can watch the video here.

Sharonville police say Adolphus Washington drove up to a marked cruiser that had lights flashing holding a loaded gun in his hands. It happened Sunday night when multiple officers from 4 different departments were trying to break up a party outside of a water park. The body cam shows Washington in his Spider 3-wheeled motorcycle with officers surrounding him yelling “Put the gun down, don't you move. Don't you move dude. Get out of the driver's side”

It happened in less than 10 seconds. In those moments a Sharonville police officer decided to *not* fire his weapon. He questions Washington who was sitting in the back of the cruiser about what he was doing. "Why in the hell did you have that gun in your hands?" Washington was polite and agreeable as he tried to explain that he was trying to put the gun away and that he had a permit for it.

This happened Sunday night in the parking lot of Splash Cincinnati Waterpark. Officers were called out by staff at the Ramada Inn, which is attached to the waterpark, after a private party with hundreds of people got out of control.

For at least an hour officers were walking around trying to get the crowd to go home. Washington had been there too. He was in his spider 3-wheeled motorcycle towards an officer in his cruiser and the officer saw that he saw a gun in his hands. Washington put the gun in the passenger seat and put up his hands. The camera in the back of the cruiser caught the officer and Washington’s conversation. "Permit or not man you can't have it in your lap there is no reason. Why was it out. Why was it out at this party?” Washington responds “I was trying to put it away. I’m not trying to get shot.” The officer says "99% of the time what would have happened?" Washington "I would have got shot."

Washington is a Taft High School graduate and former Ohio State star. He was booked at the Sharonville police department on July 9th. He was released that same night.

The Bills released a statement saying they're aware of what happened and have been in contact with Washington. He's due in court in Hamilton county on Monday July 24th. That's only a few days before NFL players are supposed to report for training camp.

Washington is in his second year with the Buffalo Bills and played in 15 games last season. He did have legal trouble involving a prostitute while at Ohio State when he struck a plea deal over a solicitation charge.