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'Find my iPad' tech helps woman locate U-Haul, car stolen from outside Nevada hotel

FILE – Uhaul trailers sit in a parking lot on January 3, 2016 in Biloxi, Mississippi. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

HENDERSON, Nev. (KSNV) - A woman moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles stopped at a Henderson hotel during her road trip.

When she woke up, her U-Haul, car and all of her belongings were gone.

"All of a sudden we walk outside, and there's no trailer and no car, and we thought, 'Maybe we got towed,'" said Beth Dahlvang.

She woke up to a mystery on Monday morning and contacted her son devastated.

"I felt like numb and nauseous for her and I just sprinted to my computer and thought of any way I could to locate the stuff," said her son, Bryan Blaha.

From Minnesota, Blaha immediately started figuring out how to locate the U-Haul.

"One of the things we did was try and use her Apple ID to try and locate the iPad, which was in the stolen U-Haul," he said. "So after a bunch of times, nothing on there popping up, and then eventually we got that little beacon that finally lit up which showed us where the location was."

Blaha then contacted Henderson police.

"Sure enough, the U-Haul was parked outside of a school about a mile away from that dot," he said. "So I asked the cop, I talked to him on the phone, he said about 80 percent of it's gone."

Among the things missing were sentimental items of Dahlvang's father, who passed away unexpectedly a week ago.

"Here's the saddest part: He had a coin collection that he had for many many years, and I had that and that was on the truck," she said. "And my mom had passed away in 2005 and I got all of her jewelry too."

But then came some hope. Dahlvang says police spotted one of her missing items outside a home.

"They were able to locate a reasonable amount of my mom's stuff," he said.

While Dahlvang still has more than $70,000 worth of items missing, her Porsche was also found nearby.

For anyone who would like to help the family, there is a Facebook page set up for donations.

Dahlvang and Blaha say they are thankful to Henderson Police for helping get those behind the theft. Henderson police said Tuesday they have two people in custody.