7-year-old girl teams up with police to stop speeders

anais knight timB.JPG
In Fairfax County, Anais Knight, a 7-year-old girl, teams up with police to stop speeders. (ABC7)

A 7-year-old girl is the new face of an anti-speeding campaign in Fairfax County.

Anais Knight alerted an officer that people are driving way too fast in her Mount Vernon neighborhood.

So, Fairfax County Police traffic units paid the community a visit with a warning to all drivers.

“Why do you think they ignore it?” Anais was asked.

“Ignore the signs? Well I don’t know, but it’s probably because they like speeding because most of them are teenagers or 26 year olds.”

A few weeks ago, the sassy and sweet 7-year-old spotted officer Robert Urps at Fort Hunt Elementary School.

Anias asked for help, so Urps sent over the traffic unit.

“People just forget what they are doing and don’t pay attention so if this can just get attention out there and slow people down, then it has done its job,” Urps said.

Turns out, the traffic unit was already working on a summer speeding campaign. And the officers realized Anais was the perfect spokesperson.

“She loves being in the front yard,” said Anais’s father, Nicholas Knight. “In the summertime, we bring out the kiddie pool or the water table, the sprinkler, and there are times cars go by a wee bit too fast.”

If those speeders are caught, they could have to pay $67 for court costs and $6 more for each mile above the speed limit.

“I would tell them, slow down, there is a gigantic sign,” Anais said. “If you are in a rush, try, try asking a taxi or a professional driver to drive you.”